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pip3 search gpio


gpio (0.3.0) – gpio access via the standard linux
sysfs interface
Mopidy-GPIO (0.1.15) – Controll mopidy with GPIO
sysfs-gpio (0.2.2) – Linux SysFS GPIO Access
zorg-gpio (0.0.7) – GPIO drivers for Zorg robots.
moat-gpio (0.2.1) – Control GPIO lines via AMQP
trio-gpio (0.1.1) – GPIO access via Trio and libgpiod
GPIO-Calculator (1.0.2) – Simple GPIO calculator for libgpiod
based on its chardev.
pyscada-gpio (0.7.0) – GPIO extension for PyScada a Python
and Django based Open Source SCADA
serialize-gpio (0.1.0) – Python library for controlling
Raspberry Pi® GPIO Pins
through a serializable message
rpi-gpio-http (1.1.0) – HTTP interface for Raspberry Pi
Adafruit-GPIO (1.0.3) – Library to provide a cross-platform
GPIO interface on the Raspberry Pi
and Beaglebone Black using the
RPi.GPIO and Adafruit_BBIO
mopidy-raspberry-gpio (1.0.0) – Mopidy extension for GPIO input on
a Raspberry Pi
pi-gpio-core (0.0.15) – A ZeroMQ-based service for
interacting with GPIO pins
pi-gpio-api (0.1.1) – web API to control Raspberry Pi
pi-mqtt-gpio (0.5.0) – Expose the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins
(and/or external IO modules such as
gpio-next (0.0.3) – libgpiod python ctypes binding
RPi-GPIO-Rotary (0.1.0) – Simple module for getting values
from KY040 and similar rotary
rpi-gpio-emu (0.0.1) – Placeholder package to emulate
RPi.GPIO package on non-Pi devices
RPi-GPIO-i2c-LCD (0.1.1) – Simple module for using a HD44780
LCD over I2C
cgpio (0.7) – a gpio class based on gpio-0.1.2
iotile-support-firm-gpio-3 (3.0.1) –
trimarlib-sysfsgpio (0.2.1) – Sysfs GPIO utility
gpio3 (3.0.1) – GPIO access module
libsoc_zero (0.0.3) – For using GPIO on 96boards
sysfsgpio (0.3.0) – Sysfs GPIO utility
pyA13SOM (0.2.1) – Control GPIO, I2C and SPI
pyIMX233 (0.0.1) – Control GPIOs on OLinuXino-Maxi.
lot (0.8.1) – A module to control SBC GPIO
pyA20SOM (0.2.1) – Control GPIO, I2C and SPI
pyA10S (0.1.2) – Control GPIOs on OLinuXino-A10S.
pyA13 (0.2.2) – Control GPIO, I2C and SPI
pyA20Lime (0.2.1) – Control GPIO, I2C and SPI
burnlight (0.2.0) – GPIO scheduler for Raspberry Pis
iMX233_GPIO (0.1.0) – Control GPIOs on iMX233-OLinuXino.
Lot.GPIO (0.1.0) – A module to control SBC GPIO
htpio ( – Remote GPIO access library
pigpio (1.45) – Raspberry Pi GPIO module
LATEST: 1.45
pyA10Lime (0.2.1) – Control GPIO, I2C and SPI
pyA10_CB (0.1.0) – Control GPIOs on Cubieboard A10.
GPIOSimulator (0.1) – Raspberry Pi GPIO simulator
pyA20EVB (0.2.1) – Control GPIO, I2C and SPI
pyA20Lime2 (0.2.1) – Control GPIO, I2C and SPI
NPi.GPIO ( – A module to control NanoPi GPIO
Odroid.GPIO (0.0.3) – A module to control Odroid GPIO
FaBoGPIO_PCAL6408 (1.0.0) – This is a library for the FaBo GPIO
I2C Brick.
Jetson.GPIO (2.0.6) – A module to control Jetson GPIO
Mopidy-CarPi (0.2.21) – Mopidy extension for in-car RPi and
qtoggleserver-rpigpio (1.0.2) – qToggleServer driver for Raspberry
OrangePi.GPIO (0.6.3) – A module to control OrangePi GPIO
automate-rpio (0.9.2) – Raspberry Pi GPIO Support for
Raspberry-Pi-IO (0.0.2) – A Python service for remotely
controlling GPIO.
gpiosvr (0.0.3) – RESTful interfaces for Raspberry Pi
BBB-LCDDisplay (1.0.16) – Gpio, i2c, Pwm for Beaglebone black
omega_gpio (1.1) – Simple GPIO for the Onion Omega
pyA64 (0.1.0) – Control GPIO ports on A64-OLinuXino
Mopidy-GPIOcont (0.2.2) – Extension to control musicbox via
webpigpio (0.1.0) – Command GPIO via options bag, used
for a web driven gpio contoller for
raspberry pi
rpi-vidlooper (0.3) – Raspberry Pi GPIO-controlled video
fbsd_gpio (0.5.0) – cffi-based Python bindings for
RPi.GPIO (0.7.0) – A module to control Raspberry Pi
GPIO channels
INSTALLED: 0.7.0 (latest)
gpiodaemon (1.6.1) – Raspberry Pi GPIO setup utility for
txgpio (0.1.1) – Twisted-based asynchronous library
for using GPIO.
gpiozero (1.5.1) – A simple interface to GPIO devices
with Raspberry Pi.
INSTALLED: 1.5.1 (latest)
gpioone (0.1.0) – Interfaces for various GPIO devices
on Raspberry PI
epdif (0.1.1) – EPD hardware interface implements
raspi_gpioctl (0.0.2) – Raspberry Pi GPIO pin state
phi2 (3.1.5) – Python Hardware Interfaz GPIO para
pcal9535a (0.7) – A library to control NXP PCAL9535A
GPIO expander
rpi-xmpp (0.0.2) – Send XMPP messages from RaspberryPi
GPIO events
fake-rpigpio (0.1.1) – Fake Raspberry PI GPIO drop-in
replacement for RPi.GPIO
pyA20 (0.2.12) – Control GPIO, I2C and SPI on
gpiolx (0.5.0) – High-level GPIO interface for
FreeBSD with software PWM
Mopidy-TtsGpio (1.0.2) – Controll mopidy without screen
using GPIO and TTS
machineio (0.8.0) – Machine and robotics gpio hardware
interface creation toolkit.
gpiodev (0.0.1) – Library to operate GPIO pins via
character device
tingbot-RPIO (0.11) – Advanced GPIO for the Raspberry Pi.
Extends RPi.GPIO with PWM, GPIO
interrups, TCP socket interrupts,
command line tools and more
RPIO (0.10.0) – Advanced GPIO for the Raspberry Pi.
Extends RPi.GPIO with PWM, GPIO
interrups, TCP socket interrupts,
command line tools and more
onkyo-button (1.1) – control Onkyo recievers from a GPIO
button on a Raspberry Pi
electrician (1.0.0) – An abstraction layer to control
GPIO devices connected to a
raspberry pi
hautomation_gpio (0.7) – Home Automation Python Project
Plugin for Raspberry PI GPIO
adafruit-circuitpython-mcp230xx (2.2.3) – CircuitPython library for
controlling a MCP23008 or MCP23017
I2C GPIO expander.
telnetGPIO (0.2) – Read Numato LAB GPIO pins and send
MQTT messages
RPiMCP23S17 (1.0.0) – A module to access GPIO expanders
MCP23S17 from a Raspberry Pi.
rfdevices (0.3.0) – Control household RF devices with
low-cost GPIO modules
ucdev (0.0.3) – Library to access various
I2C/SPI/GPIO-accessible chips over
Cypress CY7C65211/3/5 USB-to-
Mopidy-GPIO420 (0.1.0) – Extension to control mopidy with
gpio buttons and display things on
16×2 lcd
nled (1.2.0) – Raspberry Pi GPIO LED Lighting with
Neurosky Mindwave and Mindwave
Pi-Pin-Manager (3.1.0) – Setup Raspberry Pi GPIO pins using
a configuration file, not
gpio4 (0.0.8) – Improved gpio module based on
Sysfs, features same as RPi.GPIO
and gpio3
apa102-gpiod (0.3.0) – apa102 driver using userspace gpio
character device through libgpiod
rpihware (0.1) – A layer to control common elements
in raspberry pi 3 via GPIO
SerSir (0.2.1) – server siren – failed jenkins job
activates a gpio pin / siren
pydht2 (0.5.2) – DHT 11 v.2 Temperature/Humidity
GPIO driver for Raspberry PI.
l293d (0.3.3) – A Python module to drive motors
using an L293D via Raspberry Pi
rfm69 (0.3) – Library for accessing the HopeRF
RFM69-series radio modules via
raspberrypi-py (1.0.4) – RaspberryPI Python library for
programming GPIO LEDs, buttons and
other fun features
sht-sensor (18.4.2) – Driver and command-line tool for
Sensirion SHT1x and SHT7x sensors
connected to GPIO pins.
easyaspi (2018.3) – A module intended to abstract away
a lot of the complexity of using
the GPIO and PiCamera for beginner
rpi-rf (0.9.7) – Sending and receiving 433/315MHz
signals with low-cost GPIO RF
modules on a Raspberry Pi
boxus (0.1.1) – High-level framework for easy
control of multiple devices
connected to the Raspberry Pi and
Arduino via GPIO
pi@raspberrypi:~ $



$ pip3 help

pip3 <command> [options]

install Install packages.
download Download packages.
uninstall Uninstall packages.
freeze Output installed packages in requirements format.
list List installed packages.
show Show information about installed packages.
check Verify installed packages have compatible dependencies.
config Manage local and global configuration.
search Search PyPI for packages.
wheel Build wheels from your requirements.
hash Compute hashes of package archives.
completion A helper command used for command completion.
help Show help for commands.

General Options:
-h, –help Show help.
–isolated Run pip in an isolated mode, ignoring environment variables and user configuration.
-v, –verbose Give more output. Option is additive, and can be used up to 3 times.
-V, –version Show version and exit.
-q, –quiet Give less output. Option is additive, and can be used up to 3 times (corresponding to WARNING, ERROR, and CRITICAL logging
–log <path> Path to a verbose appending log.
–proxy <proxy> Specify a proxy in the form [user:passwd@]proxy.server:port.
–retries <retries> Maximum number of retries each connection should attempt (default 5 times).
–timeout <sec> Set the socket timeout (default 15 seconds).
–exists-action <action> Default action when a path already exists: (s)witch, (i)gnore, (w)ipe, (b)ackup, (a)bort).
–trusted-host <hostname> Mark this host as trusted, even though it does not have valid or any HTTPS.
–cert <path> Path to alternate CA bundle.
–client-cert <path> Path to SSL client certificate, a single file containing the private key and the certificate in PEM format.
–cache-dir <dir> Store the cache data in <dir>.
–no-cache-dir Disable the cache.
Don’t periodically check PyPI to determine whether a new version of pip is available for download. Implied with –no-index.
–no-color Suppress colored output

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